Sunday, July 3, 2011

android scripting using python

Android has a beautiful scripting platform 'sl4a'. You can script using lot of languages perl, python, shell etc in it. It has a good API for system calls like sending sms, making calls etc.

I've written a small script in python to send a group sms with individualised content.

import android, os, re

droid = android.Android()
docdir = "/mnt/sdcard/document"

Android calls are in android module. other modules like sys, os, re are available.

message =droid.dialogGetInput('message', ' extras: 0 name,1 mail', None).result
subject =droid.dialogGetInput('subject', '', None).result

message windows can be created using API calls.

dirfile = os.listdir (docdir)
dirfiles =[]
for f in dirfile :
 if f[-4:]==".sms":
  dirfiles.append (f)
d=droid.dialogCreateAlert("select file")
if r['which']== "negative":
 os._exit (1)
result = droid.dialogGetSelectedItems().result[0]
selfile = dirfiles [result]

All files in a directory ending with .sms is presented and the user is asked to select one of the files.

file = open (docdir + os.sep+ selfile, "r")
lines = file.readlines ()
contacts = []
numbers =[]
extras =[]
mail =""
for line in lines:
 f = line.split (",")
 if len (f[0])>0 :
  numbers.append (f[0])
  contacts.append (f[1])
  extras.append (f[1:])
 if len (f[1])>0 :
  mail = mail + f[2].replace(" ","").replace ("\n","") + ","

The .sms file is a comma seperated file whose first field is the contact number, second contact name, third his email, and any optional field which can be referred as $n in the message.

d=droid.dialogCreateAlert("select contacts")
n = len (contacts)
droid.dialogSetMultiChoiceItems(contacts, range (n))
if r['which']== "negative":
 os._exit (1)
send_contacts= droid.dialogGetSelectedItems().result

for s in send_contacts :
 m= message
 for d in range(len(extras [s])):
  m = m.replace ("$"+str(d), extras[s][d])
 droid.smsSend(numbers [s], m)
 print contacts[s] , m
droid.sendEmail(mail, subject, message, None)

The user is presented  a list of contacts to select from, to whom to send the message. The script also sends an email with the same message (without personalisation)


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