Friday, April 11, 2014

Prof BM Hegde's non-sense about medicine.

Here's a Prof B M Hegde's lecture, in which he says modern medicine is redundant, full of contraditions, and he has found out and researching on wholistic way of healing.

For the start, there are many people out there, who use scientific jargon, scientists' names, theories etc, to sound scientific, and utter non-science. Science is not an absolute body of facts, but an enterprise to learn the objective truth. It need not be done by scientists, in dedicated set-ups. It is the way of shedding personal opinion, doing honest and non-biased enquiry, eagerness to learn, willingness to accept self deceipt, to change ones pre-concieved ideas, in all walks of life, about the world around us.

In his lecture, Prof Hegde, confuses himself, and audience a lot about physics. Non linear mathematics was known since long time, and approximation of physical laws to linear mathematics was because of difficulties in solving non-linear equations, and this approximation of course caused failure of predictions of equations, and they were duely acknowledged. The failure of predictions of physical systems, can be either due to true uncertainity of the system, or deficiency of the theories or mathematics. Quantum physics and uncertainity principle, unlike non-linear equations, introduce true uncertainity,  and the uncertainity is even observer-dependent. Things happen differently, when not viewed! Prof Hegde confuses non-linear equations and quantum physics.

He also confuses relativity and quantum mechanics. Relativity theory doesnt bring in uncertainity, Einstein even said, he thinks 'God doesn't play dice'. and Quantum mechanics doesn't say about conversion of mass into energy. prof Hegde erred on both accounts. He has of course read a few popular science books on 'chaos theory' understood them partly, and forgot the connections and meaning of different theories.

He talks about medicine, that it sees body as a collection of organs, but that, it's a collection of cells, that 'love' each other cells etc. No one will doubt that these are known knowledge, and a doctor doesn't think in terms of organs, and knows, that all substances, drug, food, or other molecules in environment, affect all cells, and molecules of the body.

The concept of bioenergy and biophotonics he talks about is outdated. That, a few people tried to photograph bio-energy, and they did it, and they seem to change with status body is well known. Any body, which is above absolute zero produces radiation, which depends on temperature of the body. This radiation can be photographed, using ultrasensitive sensors. But they are not much useful in diagnosis or treatment, and tell very little more than what can be known otherwise about the body, from sight, touch , temperature etc. The attempt at biophotonics started in 1970, and proven futile science.

Continuing with his holistic medicine, and bioenergy, he then proceeds on to his own technique of healing, using water, nano silver and ?bioenergy. it doesn't sound much logical, but as I have not seen or tested, I can't refute his claims too, and as a true scientist, is eager to see someone study these claims without any bias.

The body has great power to heal itself, which is known, and utlised by modern medicine. The sentences such as whether a heart can be replaced on a dead body is non-sense. He can't do it either using his machine of bioenergy. The concept of dealth as a singular event of bio-energy leaving body is not logical. death is not a single event. different parts (or cells if you like to call it that way) die at different times, we even some times carry 'dead' cells (gangrene foot). We all know cornea can be taken out some time after  a person is dead, for 'eye transplant'. Does that mean, the cornea retains it bioenergy?

Repeating my sentence, Prof Hegde caught a few sentences and quotes from popular science books, and is misleading people on what's scientific medicine.


  1. Dear Praveen,
    Do not bother. BM Hegde has jumped from his 2nd stage of life of man, "Grihastha" or the Householder Stage, to 4th stage, "Sannyasa" or the Wandering Ascetic Stage, and the he will go to his 3rd stage, "Vanaprastha" or the Hermit Stage, last. Then no one will know him. His wandering stage, is not mountains but around the world talking nonsense under the impression that he knows everything under the sun. Now Pray oh, God , if there is a God, save his soul, if he has a soul........ Dr.Sundaram
    ........ Dr.Sundaram

  2. Search for BM HEGDE at BMJ and you will know what is talking is not all non sense

  3. The truth is not gauged by the reputation of the speaker

  4. have watched his programmes keenly... undoubtedly he is the best by far... he reveals so many facts about the medical field and how commercial it has turned to be , at the cost of loves of people who trust doctors. truth is always bitter. hence the reactions...

  5. Dr BM Hegde is a great person .I have heard all his speeches and read his books too what he says is true .

  6. He seems to prefer Ayurveda over the Western type medicine. Since he knows both, his views deserve credence. But, when 'Allopathy' doctors raise objections, they mostly disregard the observational research of Ayurveda and demand 'Allopathy-like' lab calculations.Why can't one use both medicines for an illness and discover which one produces the better outcome?