Friday, February 22, 2013

Gadaikal Trek

Gadaikal is a good trekking spot near Mangalore. It's about 65 km from Mangalore, near the town of Belthangdi, on the way to famous Dharmasthala. There are lots of buses from Mangalore to Dharmasthala, you have to get down at Belhangdi, and take an auto to Gadaikal, which is about 8 km from there.

Gadaikal is a vertical stone about 1700 feet high. Tippu Sulthan had built a small fort at the very top, may be because it's the tallest place in the vicinity, and affords an all round view over the area. He had constructed steps till the very top, which makes the climb possible, on a vertical stone. Apart from the steps and small constructions, there are no much man made objects. The sport is remarkably free from plastic throw aways too. The view from the top is amazing, magnificent Coorg hills can be seen at a distance.

Do carry lots of water (2L per person) and small snacks. Nothing is available on the top. Those scared of heights beware,  at places, it's so scary that you may find it difficult to come down.

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  1. This Gadaikal is really amazing. and clearly explained by drPraveen Gopinath.Thank you