Saturday, August 24, 2013

Upload contacts to google as CSV file

You can save your contacts in a simple text file (created with notepad or alternately exported from Excel) and then import from Gmail.
This link contains the directions from Google about how to do this:

A few points to note are:

1. The individual fields need not be contained in an apostrophe, which many spreadsheet programs insert. 
2. There should be a header line which names each field.
3. 'Name' field (alternately it can be 'First Name', 'Last Name' etc) and 'E-mail Address' fields are required. It's E-mail no Email as given in google help page.

A sample file may look like:

Name,Mobile Phone,E-mail Address
Mr xxx, 9439843 ,
Mr abc, 23489348,

In Google, goto Contacts, click on More button on top, select Import, and select CSVfile you saved, and then Import contacts.

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